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Hamilton & Princeton NJ Air Purifier Humidifier CO Detector

Six Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. provides Air Purifier, Humidifier, CO Detector & Indoor Air Quality Products & Services in Hamilton, Princeton, West Windsor & Lawrenceville and surrounding NJ areas.

If you or your family are experiencing health issues such as allergies and headaches, you should discuss these with your doctor and contact us to test your home for indoor air quality issues. If we find a problem such as mold, carbon monoxide, allergens, or other indoor air issues, we can take the necessary steps to fix them, including the installation high quality CO detectors.

Mold in your home may be an indication that your home's humidity is too high, in which case we can install a dehumidifier. If you are experiencing dry skin and hair, static, or nosebleeds, especially in the winter, your home may be too dry, and we can install a humidifier. Higher humidity in the winter can also make your home feel warmer, and you may not need to keep the temperature as high.

If you suspect an indoor air quality issue in your home, don't wait, contact us today at 609-882-6664!

Hamilton & Princeton NJ Air Purifier Humidifier CO Detector
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